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About the Brand

The Stromer brand is smart, tech-oriented, and premium. Think of Stromer as the Tesla of the E-Bike industry. With acute attention to technology, Stromer drives innovation and makes the user-experience smooth every step of the way. The first E-Bike model produced by Stromer was an exceptionally high power design that connected digitally to the user’s smartphone via the Stromer app. Stromer believes that E-Bikes can be both sumptuous and progressive in design to deliver the authentic Swiss driving experience.


History of the Brand

Stromer was developed by the visionary Thomas “Thömu” Binggeli. Thömu established the Swiss premium brand in 2009 amid inspiration from leading tech companies like Tesla, Apple and Google. Stromer was recognized in March 2014 as the world’s first digitally connected E-Bike. Stromer impressed once again with the Stromer ST2 S, an e-bike with unmatched technological capabilities. In 2017, Stromer introduced a colorful E-Bike, the ST1 X, to the already fully stacked collection. Stromer delivers consistent advancements that continue to defy expectation in the e-bike industry.



Stromer wants to bring every E-Bike customer the Swiss driving experience. This is accomplished through a number of key focal points including:


  1. Unique Design
    The frame and geometry of the Stromer bike is like no other. Each bike is designed to meet the user’s specific needs, from sport to comfort. The sport models are equipped with the speed and power to accelerate with the utmost ease. The swiss-made seats are fashioned from the highest quality leather for comfort guaranteed. You can choose a personal style, colour, and model. Each design element is flawless, from the first look to the last detail.
  2. Power
    The Stromer E-Bikes are powerful. The ST5 model features a newly developed sport motor with 850 watts and a torque of 48 Newton. This means the rider has more power in the push of a button. Combining a powerful motor with high-performance tires and uncompromising grip, makes for incomparable driving dynamics. With the selection of the sport model of the ST1 you can expect up to 45 km/h speed. The comfort model provides a supported speed of 25 km/h. Regardless of your preference, the Stromer bikes have the options and the capacity.
  3. Range
    If you want to be a top-performing 2-bike, you need the range to qualify. Stromer bikes have performance focused batteries that are powerful. The user can choose the range of preference and upgrade if they choose. The BQ618 battery can span 40-120 km. The BQ814 option can span anywhere between 50-150 km. The energy and voltage packed into a lightweight battery boasts innovation beyond most E-Bikes.
  4. Connectivity
    Stromer appreciates tech. The technology introduced by this savvy Swiss brand has allowed the bikes to come out on top. Take full advantage of the digital world on the road with anti-theft locking, GPS localization, km travelled, servicing info, configuration to bluetooth, bike performance, and more.