Meet Our Team

Virginia, CEO & Founder

Virginia founded Amego Electric Vehicles in 2010. Beginning development on Amego’s first product line from the ground up, she worked directly with manufacturers in Asia to build electric bikes that offer high quality and great value.

When she opened her original location, it was a live/work space.

Now, she has successfully ran Amego for over 10 years and has transformed it into Canada's largest electric bicycle retailer, complete with warehousing, international shipping and a complete Amego branded electric bicycle lineup.



Doug, General Factotum

I’ve been a year-round cyclist since 2010 and it got a lot more enjoyable in 2011 when a friend told me to get an electric bike! I’ve purchased 6 Stromer bikes from Amego and still have 5 of them, spending most of my time lately on an ST5 suspension model. Along the way I’ve also motorized 3 other bikes and ride a dual suspension HaiBike and an Amego Bold.

I first met Virginia in 2012 at a bike show at the Brickworks and started with Amego a couple of years later when she said “Come on down to the Bike Show, sell some bikes, meet people, it’ll be fun”. From there on I’ve built bikes, fixed bikes, shipped bikes and it’s still a lot of fun!

E-Bikes for me represent personal freedom.


Don, General Manager


Mike, Head Of Sales Western Canada

Mike has been involved with Amego since 2018 and is passionate about putting people of all ages on the best bike to fit their everyday lifestyle and needs.

Prior to being involved in the cycling industry, Mike was an avid downhill mountain biker in Western Canada.

Since then, Mike has owned 8 different E-bikes and is now an official Brand Ambassador for Stromer, as well as having completed many long distance rides. (Check out our blog post here

Mike currently commutes to and from work on his Stromer ST3 and loves jetting through the city.

" If you are not Scared you are are not going fast enough." - Ken Block


CJ, Sales Associate 

CJ came to Canada in 2022 from India, and is a huge advocate for micro-mobility. He comes to work daily with his Segway G30 Max. Commuting times are cut short significantly for CJ as he comes from Vaughn daily and is always using his scooter to get around.  CJ is here daily and is super happy to help out fellow e-bikers with their questions and you can ask him for a tip on maintenance of bikes :)


Melvin, Sales Associate

If you're a regular customer of Amego, you may have seen Melvin volunteering and helping people at Amego over the years, purely just from his love of E-bikes!

After overcoming Lymphoma, Melvin needed another way to travel and see different places without taking the TTC. So he purchased his first e-bike, an Amego Infinite!

Since then, he has had 4 different E-bikes, 2 Electric unicycles, 1 scooter and 1 Moped!

If you ever see him on a group ride around the city, he invites you to join him and say hi and help spread his love of E-bikes!


Kevin, Head of Service 

Kevin has been a Toronto resident for the past 30+ years riding bicycles since a young age. You can often see Kevin zipping around on his custom dual motored ebike or pedaling the martin goodmen trail on his stromer. Along with being the head of service he is also Amego's battery specialist. When he isn't busy fixing/building/modding ebikes he enjoys attending local ride groups.


Daniel, Technician



Gabe, Technician



Some of our team and their bikes from left to right: Gabe, Melvin, Virginia, Kevin, CJ, Daniel, Mike, Chris



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