About Amego Electric Bikes, Scooters & Bicycles

Amego Electric Bikes designs, distributes, and retails best in class Electric Bikes that are built to European standards. Our mission is to provide a sustainable means of transportation that is smart, stylish and fun!

Amego was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2010. Has a dealership in downtown Toronto in the trendy Queen West neighbourhood, and an 7,000 square foot warehouse in Toronto.  

We offer 3 lines of electric bikes: e-Scooters, e-Bicycles and e-Bikes.  All Amego bikes are equipped with pedals and are therefore classified as power assisted bicycles that require: No Insurance, No License and No Registration! Amego is the easiest and most affordable Electric Bike on the market. Amego gives you the freedom to park and drive where a bicycle can, costs cents to charge, and you will never get a parking ticket! Save your money with Amego!

Amego Delivering What Riders Want

Amego Electric Vehicles stays on top of Market Trends by offering stylish and high performing e-bikes that our riders are proud of. It selects models that either have a retro, or sleek modern style with finishes such as white wall tires, matte black paint, and silver accents.  Amego's electric bikes also include all of the latest and greatest e-bike features on the market today including: removable lithium-ion batteries, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, and non-resistant highly efficient Japanese motors.

Amego Offering Top Quality eBikes at Outstanding Prices

Amego uses best-in class batteries, certified chargers, a proficient wiring system, disc brakes, powerful controllers and solid frames that will ensure the reliability of your e-bike. All Amego e-bikes go through extensive testing to guarantee the quality of our products.  Additionally, our prices are much more competitive than similar styled electric bikes such as the Jetson, Fly Kly and Energie E-bikes. 

Take for example, the Jetson, which was featured on Oprah’s Favourite Things & the Fly Kly, which was featured on ABC, CBS and Engadget. They are similar to our Amego E-Breeze ion but are priced at $1,999 while the E-Breeze is priced at $1,675 and offers the following upgraded features: 

  • Real Leather Seats
  • Front Disc Brakes with thicker tires and upgraded rims.
  • Upgraded premium batteries that offer amazing range and durability with CUL certified chargers 
  • An extended rear rack which enables you to add on a rear carrier and fit a second rider
  • A full rim powerful 500W motor
  • Custom digital display, second person foot pedal stills, upgraded suspension, our signature exclusive designs, new stylish folding pedals, mirrors that are easily adjustable and concave for better visibility. 

Amego Conception

The founder was attending a Queen’s School of Business alumni event at the Hard Rock in Toronto, where the Trend Hunter, Jeremy Gutsche, author of Exploiting Chaos answered what he saw as the next big market opportunity, “Electric Bikes”. Shortly after, the founder made her way to China and connected with a pioneer in the industry who showed her the ropes and traveled with her from Guangzhou to Shanghai where she selected models that would set Amego apart from the competition and identified the best manufactures of motors, controllers, molds, batteries and frames.

Amego then sublicensed its assembling to an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China and the first Chinese manufacturer to pass Europe’s EEC mark, being honored with the Top 10 Chinese Electric Vehicle Brand award.  This same manufacturer has been exporting its e-bikes to the Netherlands for the past 7 years to a Dutch manufacture which currently holds 1/3 of the e-bike market share and in 2010 was given the “Head Over Heals the Best Electric Scooter” award.

With the best parts and assembler, the next step was converting its chosen scooter models from gas to electric. Amego therefore hired a talented R&D team that changed each model's frame to optimize the battery placement and enable a well-balanced, lighter feeling electric bike. The team then tested various size controllers and identified the ideal combination of power and efficiency. Finally, the team developed a functional peddling system that would allow its electric scooters to be classified as e-bikes and therefore require No insurance, No registration and No license!