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The warranty provided with the purchase of a new e-bike is covered by the manufacturer through Amego EV. Warranties range from one to three years depending on the model. 

In order for us to replace a part covered on warranty we need approval from the manufacturer. To get approval, we need pictures of the part that needs replacing. Then, we will ship you a label to send the malfunctioning part to the manufacturer, and send you the replacement part; or replace the part here in Toronto, if you come to our location.  

Warranties are submitted the same day you notify us of the malfunction. It takes approximately one to two weeks for a submitted warranty to be approved. We ship all parts via UPS, and will work with local bike mechanics across North America to replace the necessary parts. 

Within three months from purchase, on bikes with less than 2000 km, the cost of labour is covered. After three months from purchase, or on bike with more than 2000 km, the cost of labour is set at 50% of what it would be otherwise.