Surprising Health Benefits Of Electric Pedal Bikes

Surprising Health Benefits Of Electric Pedal Bikes

The health benefits of e-bikes

It has long been thought that those who use e-bikes, or bikes that can run on electric power or pedal power, are not really getting the physical benefits that those who use traditional pedal-only bikes get. However, research has been proving that logic wrong.

A Norwegian study has found that those who use e-bikes actually experience physical exertion 95 percent of the time. For the research, six men and two women cycled 32 journeys, with some flat and some hilly while oxygen consumption was recorded. The results found that users were 8.5 times more active than resting and pedal power was 10.9 times more active. Moreover, the lung output of those using e-bikes was comparable to those using traditional pedal bikes. The study recorded a 51 percent lung capacity used while pedal cyclers use 58 percent of their lung capacity.

"Most of the time spent cycling on both the E-bike and the conventional bicycle, in both routes, was spent in MVPA," the researchers wrote in their report.

"Since the present findings indicate at least a moderate intensity of physical activity when e-biking, an increase in the level of transport-related physical activity will follow switching from car commuting to E-bikes, and more individuals probably meeting the physical activity recommendations," they concluded.

Another similar study was conducted by University of Colorado researchers. Participants were asked to use e-bikes to commute to work and measures were taken of their overall health, blood glucose regulation and fitness.

"Notable improvements to the 20 subjects’ cardiovascular health were evident, with improved aerobic capacity and blood sugar control noted in all cases," the study noted. "Pedelecs are an effective form of active transportation that can improve some cardiometabolic risk factors within only 4 weeks," the researchers concluded.

Growth of e-bike sales

Although the e-bike has become more popular since 1998, its origins date back to 1895 when several patents were registered in the U.S. Sales have been growing over the past couple of decades, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that 45 percent of bike sales last year in Belgium were e-bikes. They also noted that 30 percent of all bike sales the previous year in Holland were e-bikes. In addition, there was a 22 percent increase in e-bike sales around the UK over the last year.

The industry has been developing rapidly, which has lead to the creation of several different types of e-bikes that are built to handle different terrain.

Types of e-bikes

With an array of e-bikes styles and models it can be daunting to know which one is right for you. Basically, manufacturers would advise it depends on how you will use it.

For those looking for a city or community e-bike there are models that are designed to create a smooth ride on pavement and similar paths. This is the most common type of e-bike.

For those who are looking for something more recreationally, mountain e bikes come with heavier treaded tires that offer the rider better control and grip during off-road cycling. However, this style of e-bike can also be a reliable ride on rough city roads or snow.

If you still plan on using public transportation for part of your commute, a folding e bike is the best choice. This style has a compact capability that makes it easy to slip into your car, plane, boat or fold up for storage.

If you are looking for a deal, you can check out a used e-bike or demo model, all of which are still road-worthy. For those looking for a top-quality model, you can have a look at some of our Strommer electric bicycle to find the ride that best suits your needs.



When it comes to improving your physical activity, e-bikes have been tried and tested to be a great choice. By offering comparable physical benefits to traditional pedal bikes cyclists can maximize their fitness level while cutting down their commute time.

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