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Only a genius idea can take you from your parents’ garage to the international E-Bike brand. This

is exactly what it was like for founders and managing directors, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller,

both graduate mechanical engineers, when they developed their first bike, the fully suspended

Birdy folding bike, back in 1992. In 1993, they founded Riese & Müller. The Birdy, a previously

unseen, comfortable folding bike, became a bestseller within a very short period of time.


Following on from the Birdy, a broad range of models was developed over the years, which was

guided by society's mobility needs. Today, in the minds of it fans and cyclists, Riese & Müller

stands application-oriented product development, innovative E-Bike technology and the

powerful riding dynamics that are characteristic of Riese & Müller.


E-Bikes and the new mobility

Sustainability, environmental protection and a responsible lifestyle are moving increasingly into

people’s consciousness. Mobility and bike mobility are changing, in particular in urban areas. Not

least for that reason, Riese & Müller started developing and producing E-Bikes in 2008. Within

just five years, the Riese & Müller brand positioned itself throughout Europe as the premium EBike

brand. The same has occurred in international markets, such as the USA, Canada, Australia

and New Zealand. There, Riese & Müller has become one of the top suppliers of high quality EBikes

within a short period of time. Riese & Müller's proclaimed goal is to become global market

leader in the growing market for premium E-Bikes and folding bikes. To help us achieve this

ambition, Dr. Sandra Wolf joined the management team in 2013. With a degree in economics, she

is the perfect complement to the engineering duo Heiko Müller and Markus Riese.


Technologies and the path into the future

The modern, urban society continues to change, and E-Bikes are playing an increasingly

significant part in urban mobility. Consequently, Riese & Müller has been focusing exclusively -

with the exception of the Birdy folding bike - on the development and production of innovative

E-Bikes and E-Bike technologies since 2012. Riese & Müller is one of the leaders of sporty

everyday bikes, high-speed (supporting up to 45 Km/h) and E-Cargo bikes. For safe, dynamic and

comfortable riding, Riese & Müller has developed their Control Technology which centres on full

suspension. The full technological expertise of the last decade is incorporated in this Control

Technology. With the development of the DualBattery Technology, Riese & Müller has integrated

two 500-Wh batteries within the frame for even greater range and charging independence.

Characteristic for all bikes by Riese & Müller is also the independent design of each individual

product, the consistent orientation to a wide range of mobility requirements and the high

production quality.


Today, Riese & Müller employs more than 250 employees at the Weiterstadt site near Darmstadt

and is one of the key owner-managed E-Bike brands in the world. Development, assembly and

sales are coordinated from this location for the European and international markets.

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