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Bosch is leading the way in mid-drive propulsion systems for electric bikes. Bosch systems are made in Germany and every component works efficiently together. Amego sells numerous EOM brands who use the Bosch system including Riese & Muller, Benno, Tern, Kalkhoff, Focus, and Haibike.

In North America, the the mid drive unit motors are either 250W or 350W and fall into two lines: Active and Performance. The Active line is Bosch's newest motor line that is smaller, lighter, and delivers less resistance. The Performance line offers more power and the Performance CX Bosch motor has a eMTB mode that will automatically change the level of assistance to give you better performance with up to 75NM of torque, improved battery efficiency, and increase safety with improved traction and control. 

The equipped bikes either come with a 400Wh or 500Wh batteries that are mounted on a rear rack, are attached to the downtube frame, or have the new Powertube battery that is hidden inside the bike frame. Bosch batteries offer excellent range and have accurate battery mileage indicators that get improved once it adapts to your weight and riding style. Simply reset your trip odometer after each charge. Riese & Muller and Haibike also offer various models that have two batteries mounted for ranges up to 250kms! That is more than multiple electric cars.