10 Tips for a Smooth Drive even in the rainy days!

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10 Tips for a Smooth Drive even in the rainy days!

E-bikers should be ready for all weather-related surprises like the rain. Cycling in the rain can be a bit dangerous if you aren’t in the right type of clothing or bike setup. When it comes to rain protection, your electric bike needs a rain cover, all-weather gears, and accessories to enable a safe ride even in the monsoon.


We bring you a checklist of all things you require while driving your electric bike in the rainy season.


Riding a bike is a pleasant experience in itself as the atmosphere gets breezy, cloudy, and romantic.


Meanwhile, electric bikes are highly efficient and suitable for all weather. They are water-resistant, relatively comfortable, and completely safe even on wet grounds.


Join us as we give you handy tips for making your ride safe and enjoyable. Know from the best electric bike provider in Canada.


    • 1. Personal protection is a must

Make sure you’re wearing all your necessary protective gear like skin guard, helmet, raincoat, etc., to prevent you from getting less hurt. Your brakes should be completely functional and even carry an emergency kit kept in a dry compartment.


You should have an antibiotic ointment, bandages, butterfly closures, and likewise on a ride. This brings me to the next point.


    • 2. Consider wearing weatherproof clothing

The wise thing is to wear clothes that dry as soon as possible, keeping you warm. Invest in a light raincoat or a water-resistant jacket to help you enjoy the ride.


Never wear cotton synthetics or woolen garments for better performance. Wearing gloves is a good habit of keeping your hands warm and for better grip.


    • 3. Use headlights and taillights

These come in handy during times of low visibility during monsoon season. Heavy rains can make it hard for cyclists to see the road. It’s the best alternative to avoid bumping into other vehicles. Whenever you go riding on a pleasant rainy day, consider using these lights to make you as visible as possible. We hope you’ve installed the rear and front lights. In addition to this, follow all traffic rules to avoid any mishaps.


    • 4. Beware when you’re turning corners

Electric bikes are more fun than conventional bikes as they provide additional power to your bike. You need to be extra cautious when you’re turning corners where you need to add minimal power. Slow down whenever you approach an intersection to keep your tire on the ground.


    • 5. Always brake early

Rains can make stopping your bike a bit difficult, even with the disk brakes. Electric bikes have disk brakes instead of rim brakes, which helps to function better in the rain.


However, you need to remember that braking earlier is the best choice to prevent any injury or accident. Always watch your speed during the rainy season.


    • 6. Don’t forget to clean your bike

After a rainy ride, it’s necessary to take some time washing off all the debris and extra water on your electric bike. Make sure you dry your electric bike before placing it in the garage.


Just like your car, e-bikes are a super economical and efficient mode of transportation that requires regular maintenance. Even otherwise, you should wash and dry your battery for longer shelf life.


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    • 7. Avoid puddles or potholes

First rains can make the ground slippery as the dirt and oil haven’t washed away. This can make your ride unpredictable, with a lot of slicker pots coming your way.


Whenever you are riding your bike, never drive through puddles or standing water as they can have lubricants that can make your ride slicker. If you come across a railway track, cross it at a 90-degree angle to prevent accidents.



    • 8. Lower the tire pressure

Even professional cyclists know to adjust their tire pressure to match the road conditions. Your tire might be great at 100 psi, while on a rough road, it rolls even faster at 90 psi.


On a wet road, you might want to run at 10 psi less than your usual speed to enhance your traction. The mantra is to lower the tire pressure to allow your tire to contact the road, giving a better grip.


Every electric bike in Canada will tell you this.


    • 9. Install fenders

Fenders will help your bicycle survive splashes and keep debris at bay. It helps in keeping debris and water away from your bike’s battery and other components. Use fenders to keep the rain off of you and your bike.


    • 10. Take care of your battery

We have already given you the remedy to prevent water from seeping inside your battery. You need to remember that charging your battery during major power fluctuations and thunderstorms can affect your battery in the long run.


It’s crucial to stay extra cautious with your electric cycles for your riding safety.


We are trying to help you prepare for any challenges that may hinder your ‘me’ time in the rain.

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