Introducing the Gazelle Avignon with Bosch Performance Line Smart System

Introducing the Gazelle Avignon with Bosch Performance Line Smart System

The Gazelle Avignon C380 is an exceptional mid-drive e-bike that comes equipped with the Bosch Performance Line Smart System mid-drive motor. Gazelle's most comfortable e-bike!

The Gazelle Avignon is an exceptional mid-drive e-bike that comes equipped with the Bosch Performance Line Smart System mid-drive motor. This technology ensures that neither headwinds nor hills will be a challenge when riding. In addition, the Avignon's battery capacity of 625 Wh allows for longer rides, making it the perfect bike for those who want to experience the best of modern e-bike technology for the long haul.

Bosch Smart System

The all-new Bosch Smart System takes e-bikes into the digital future by integrating the e-bike Flow app, battery, display, control unit and drive unit. With regular over-the-air updates, the components are always up to date with new features added continuously.

The e-bike Flow app controls all smart system functions, allowing you to personalize your riding experience, enhancing your riding enjoyment, and taking it to the next level.


The Gazelle Avignon C380 offers exceptional comfort with an upright sitting position that provides the best view of the road and ample room to move freely. The suspension, extra-wide tires, leather grips, and gel saddle work together to provide a comfortable and luxurious ride. All of this makes the Avignon Gazelle's most comfortable e-bike.

Ease of Use

The Avignon is designed for ease of use with a wide and low step-through, making it easy to get on and off. The belt drive reduces maintenance time, and the high-positioned battery charging point is convenient for charging. The battery can be easily removed from the frame for charging purposes. The intuitive display shows all essential information, and the MIK system allows for easy attachment of a bag or basket to the carrier.


Safety is synonymous with the Gazelle Avignon, with stability that provides precise steering and balance, wide tires that ensure optimum road holding in all conditions, and an integrated Fendervision headlamp that provides a powerful beam that is always on, day and night. The lamp's brightness adjusts automatically according to the light conditions. The bright rear light, concealed in the carrier, makes you highly visible from both the rear and the side.

More about the Bosch Smart system:

Bosch Performance Line

The Bosch Performance Line provides smooth and powerful assistance, with 75 Nm torque, making it highly recommended for the demanding cyclist.

Efficient, Integrated Power Source

Bosch's lithium-ion batteries are among the most advanced on the market, with an intelligent battery management system that guarantees a long life, and efficient energy control that optimizes your bike's range. The 625 Wh battery is integrated, providing ample range, and is secured in the frame with a lock. You can easily remove it from the bike with a key that also works on the café lock, allowing for charging either on or off the bike.

Bosch Intuvia 100 LCD Center

The Bosch Intuvia 100 display is detachable and wirelessly connected to the bike, with all important ride data easily accessible via the LED Remote at the end of the handlebar. The display is easy to read in all conditions, and all critical settings can be controlled via the LED Remote without having to reach for the display.

Integrated App: Connected Biking

The e-bike Flow app connects your e-bike to the digital world, allowing for over-the-air updates to keep your components up-to-date and constantly expanding the range of functions, making e-bike riding even more fun.

Drive Units: A New Kind of Mobility Experience

The smart system offers different drive variants, including the Performance Line (integrated into Avignon), Cargo Line, Performance Line CX, and Performance Line Speed, each designed to provide optimal support for different riding conditions.

Remotes and Displays: Full Support on the Handlebar

The Bosch e-bike Systems smart system offers various displays and controls that fit your needs precisely.

Rechargeable batteries: Versatile e-bike energy source

The rechargeable batteries of the smart system offer you the right energy storage for every application. Thanks to our know-how, years of experience and intensive testing, Bosch e-bike Systems rechargeable batteries are among the safest on the market.

e-bike Protect: More safety through connectivity

Because all components of the smart system are networked, its functions and features can be constantly expanded with features including theft protection through the e-bike Lock and Alarm functions.

Find the Gazelle Avignon with Bosch Performance Line Smart System HERE!

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