E-bikes for Food Delivery: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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E-bikes for Food Delivery: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

With all these promising benefits, it’s time to select the best e-bike for the job. And with the increase in take-out only on track to rise, it's time to start investing in a smart mobility option.

E-bikes for Food Delivery: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

For many modern city dwellers, breakfast, lunch and dinner are now being delivered to their doorstep - and e-bikes are a great way to make it happen! Especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery app usage has only gone up. All the flavours they love from their favourite places can now be ordered with a few quick taps on the screen - and delivered in minutes. With business picking up as more and more people are ordering through food delivery apps, an e-bike might just be the perfect investment.

Many food delivery services, such as Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, Foodora and Postmates, are switching up their game and turning to e-bikes. These lightweight but powerful two-wheelers can easily zip in between traffic, don’t require parking in downtown areas, and give couriers an energizing workout throughout the day - all while making money in the process. Food delivery bikes help couriers and partner restaurants bring customers’ favourite flavours to their doorstep, without the hassle of traffic, parking, and extra gas. 

The battery-powered assist motor triggered by pedalling enables a fast and eco-friendly journey, whether it’s up and over city hills or rush hour traffic. With every e-bike delivery, you can reduce your ecological footprint and promote sustainability.


Thinking of switching up your food delivery service to e-bikes? Here’s a complete guide to help you get started and make the smart switch:

Enter the Business

The big names in food delivery like Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, Foodora, and even in-house couriers of large chains use cars or scooters. But with the hassle of maintenance and gas, are these worth the high upfront cost? With e-bikes, you can cut your losses by cutting down on delivery times and keep customers happy at a fraction of the cost of cars and scooters.

Whether you’re new to the food delivery industry or you’re looking to reinvent the way you do business to be more cost-effective and sustainable, e-bikes should be your first stop.

They look and work just like your regular bike — but with much more power from less manual effort — these two-wheelers are fully equipped to shorten each trip and ensure on-time delivery at just a third of the price.

Want to try out this new food delivery mode? E-bikes are available for rent before you purchase them. This means you can test their features and see how much you save in just a few months and over the next few years.

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Beat Traffic

Let’s face it — customers don’t like waiting for delayed orders. Their food is cold, and it ruins the restaurant experience they’re supposed to be able to recreate at home. Food delivery services provide an ETA for each order based on its size and distance, but traffic, lack of parking, and bad weather can all prolong the wait times.

Whatever the reason, customers won’t be happy, and this can reflect in your ratings and reviews. On the business side, you’ll also be losing valuable dollars on refunds and discounts — and if these issues persist, losing customers completely.

E-bikes are the hot new trend in food delivery. These lightweight vehicles can easily zip through traffic and fit in any of the easier-to-find bike racks across the city, making them perfect for multiple short trips within a certain radius.

They’re also much cheaper to buy and maintain than scooters and cars. And because food delivery is usually limited to a specified location range, it’s easier to ensure that orders are delivered quickly to just a few blocks away.



Better Partnerships, Happier Customers

Delayed orders and the cost of refunds or discounts on future orders are a burden shared by food delivery services and their partner restaurants. But just how long can this partnership sustain the cost of saving face with customers before the orders stop coming in?

With e-bikes, food delivery services and partner restaurants can cut down on customer wait times, so orders are delivered to their doorsteps much faster, making each bite more enjoyable.

And when every order is quickly delivered, you can count on happy, returning customers. That’s a win for everyone — higher ratings and positive reviews for the food delivery service and their partners, and generous tips to inspire couriers to keep performing well.


Choose E-Bikes for Food Delivery

With all these promising benefits, it’s time to select the best e-bike for the job. And with the increase in take-out during this time, only on track to rise, it’s time to start investing in a smart food delivery option. An e-bike packs powerful performance, features a lightweight build, and supports maximum load-carrying capacity — all at an affordable, cost-effective price for your business. However, you’ll find that each e-bike is built differently.

To start, look for e-bikes that are built for food delivery. These support heavy loads of up to 275+ lbs (including rider) without compromising safety. Check out models built with an integrated rear or a universal front rack to keep loads secure during delivery. These also come with insulated and padded cargo areas to keep food hot and every bit as tasty — exactly how customers like it.

Other features include reflective materials for visibility, front and rear rights, and, most importantly, battery power. Because couriers make multiple trips in a day, you’ll want to equip your e-bikes so you can pedal even through the toughest terrains, boosted by battery power.

These e-bikes use a combination of small electric motors that give couriers the boost they need, and can even run up to 20+ mph solely on a single charge of the battery for up to 40+ miles, depending on the model.





Are you looking to make the smart switch and reinvent your food delivery service?


To learn more about getting started with e-bikes for food delivery, call Amego EV at 1.866.418.6092 or email us at [email protected].





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