Why Should You Buy a Tern GSD?

Why Should You Buy a Tern GSD?

The GSD edition of Tern is small but enormously useful. It is designed to carry two kids, 180 KG of cargo or groceries for a week. However, the length of Tern GSD is only 180 CM, similar to the size of a standard bike. The bike features world-class folding technology that allows commuters to easily store it in a small urban apartment.

Families searching for a high-end cargo bike can look after it. It is a load-hauling workhorse from Tern that can replace your car. Tern has carefully designed this e-bike to fit commuters from 150 – 195 cm. So, mom, dad, and kids can all share this Tern electric bike.

However, high-performance top-end electric bikes do not come cheap. Tern GSD is not an exception. So, you may wonder, is it worth the investment? We think so. Here we will discuss the major USPs of Tern GSD. It will help you to understand why you should invest in it.

Safe to Ride

Tern has not compromised with safety measures while designing and manufacturing this e-bike. Tern GSD is built to be sturdy and safe to ride. The wheelbase of the bike is only 125 CM long. Therefore, handling the electric bike becomes easier for riders. Its centrally located motor, low frame, and small wheels create a super-low centre of gravity. It means balancing the e-bike is easier than said.

Tern has used almost puncture-proof Schwalbe tires and bright LED lights in this model.  So, it is fair to conclude that Tern GSD is perfectly optimized for safety. You can consider investing in this model if you plan to buy the most secured Tern electric bike in Canada or other countries.


Many e-bikes struggle to travel uphill with full loads, but Tern GSD is an exception. Powered by a Bosch engine, Tern GSD can easily cruise up regardless of who (or what) is sitting behind. Besides exceptional horsepower, the e-bike also features Bosch's cutting-edge dual battery system that will allow you to ride your bike around 250 KM on a single charge.


Most electric cargo bikes with high gross weight capacity are excessively long but not the Tern GSD. The small 20-inch wheels provide better stability to the rider and reduce the overall height of the bike. You can store it vertically and save a lot of space. The handlebars of the Tern GSD are also foldable. It means the e-bike will easily fit into a medium-sized car.

We hope that now you have understood why you should consider investing in Tern GSD.  Amego Electric Vehicles is a trusted electric bike showroom offering a full range of Tern electric bikes, including GSD. We invite you to visit our Toronto showroom and take a test ride of Tern GSD. You can also visit our website to check our full spectrum of Tern e bikes collection. We offer free shipping of electric bikes across Canada on orders over CAD 1900.


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