Top 3 Stromer Electric Bikes The Ultimate List for Commuters

Top 3 Stromer Electric Bikes The Ultimate List for Commuters

Thomas Binggeli founded Stromer in 2009. The company is famous for manufacturing sleek and modern bikes with an in-built mobile device integration facility. You can connect your smartphone with any Stromer e-bike using the Stromer app. It means you can access the ride settings, GPS tracking, and anti-theft program from your smartphone. Stromer strikes a perfect balance between versatility and power. Their bikes are not just eco-friendly but equally stylish. Their primary goal is to create a viable alternative to cars for urban transportation, and so far, they are pretty successful in their mission.

Stromer has a variety of electric bike models to offer to its customers. Therefore, choosing the best Stromer ebike often becomes difficult. This post aims to solve this issue. Continue reading to know about the top 3 Stromer electric bikes and choose the best one according to your preference.

1 Stromer ST5

It is a flagship electric bike from Stromer featuring maximum power and range. The almost cable-free design of Stromer ST5 gives the e-bike a sleek, modern look. The bike features a powerful Syno Sport 850-watt rear hub motor that supports three levels of smooth pedal-assisted riding. You can customise one assistance level using the Stromer App.
The model has a torque sensor that senses the pedalling effort of the rider and magnifies that effort. It means you will go faster for the same effort. The higher the assistance level, the quicker you go. The motor will help you to ride your bike up to 45 KPH. You can ride this bike around 180 KM on a single charge on level 1 assistance.

2 Stromer ST1X OMNI C

This iconic electric bike has high-speed capabilities. It features a touch screen control panel, in-built GPS system, and remote locking facility accessible with the Stromer app.
Stromer has used a Cyro Drive 500-watt rear hub motor in this e-bike that supports three levels of assisted biking. The 618wh battery can fuel your bike for around 120 KM on every single charge.

3 Stromer ST2 Beltdrive

This is an all-rounder Stromer electric bike that is highly powerful and fully customisable. Stromer ST2 Beltdrive is a low-maintenance e-bike known for its durability. Stromer has specially designed this e-bike, and therefore, it stands out from ordinary bikes. The bike will be locked automatically whenever you walk away. So finally, we will conclude that Stromer ST2 Beltdrive is anything but ordinary. The bike is available in 3 different colours, and each colour features a different battery capacity.

1. Purple: 618wh 48V13ah
2. Gold: 814wh 48V17ah
3. Blue: 983wh 48V20ah

All the Stromer e bikes mentioned above are available in our online store. Amego Electric Vehicles is a highly trusted retailer of electric bikes offering flagship e-bikes at affordable prices. We invite you to visit our product page to check our wide range of collections. You can also come to our store to take a test ride of any bike you like. Our showroom is located in Toronto.


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