Top 3 Electric Bikes for the Everyday Commuter and Urban Adventurer this Fall

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 Top 3 Electric Bikes for the Everyday Commuter and Urban Adventurer this Fall

As summer continues to move along the team here at Amego has certainly been busy. Check out our TOP 3 electric bike picks for your fall electric bike adventures.

Loved for its crisp days, the warm sunshine peeking through the clouds and the changing colors of leaves, fall is the perfect season to get outside to explore. And what better way to do that than by electric bike!


During these “COVID-19” times it can be hard to think of things to keep busy, as there’s not a lot of options for people to do right now as the majority of places we love and frequent are closed. However, biking has cemented itself as a great way to get outdoors to get both exercise and enjoyment. On a positive note, there has been much less traffic on the roads this summer and fewer obstacles to avoid – of course we all have to just be mindful of keeping your distance with fellow riders and you’re good to go!


Electric bike sales are by far the biggest growth trend in biking, fitness, and even sightseeing – and for good reason. Think quick, effective pedaling that gets you around the city or through park trails, but without breaking a sweat and with an exciting flair. And unlike motorized gas powered scooters, these eco-friendly electric alternatives don’t require fossil fuels and you actually do get a great work out that can be tailored to your tastes as you pedal around!


Choose between lightweight models for the everyday commute, and heavy-duty cargo ones for transporting families and delivering goods. Find the best e-bike for every need and lifestyle, and discover the benefits of this new and affordable way to get around your city and enjoy the fall weather. 


Here are our top 3 picks for the fall season!


Amego Infinite Plus

The Amego Infinite Plus is the latest e-bike model zipping through city traffic. This winning e-bike is built with six levels of pedal-assisted power that’s supported by a 500-watt rear hub motor. It works with a speed sensor that calculates the pedaling effort and boosts this with motorized power to multiply your manual effort.


Designed for urban dwellers looking to get about town, this e-bike comes with a gel saddle, suspension front fork, suspension seat post, and two-inch-wide tires that provide a smooth ride even through the toughest urban terrain. It also comes with a “no tools required” adjustable stem that ensures a perfectly customizable riding position and comfort throughout long rides.


The result is a smooth, comfortable, and hassle-free ride that won’t leave you tired — or feeling like you even pedalled through long distances at all. You can count on the Amego Infinite Plus to carry you up to 105km on a single charge at minimal battery assistance.


Stromer ST1X

From Stromer comes an equally stylish and utilitarian e-bike for all your spring activities. Whether it’s your everyday commute to work, weekend errands, or getting back on the trails this season, the ST1X e-bike comes with a built-in control panel, integrated battery, and durable tires to get you through your cities busiest roads and parks.


The ST1X e-bike is built with three levels of power-assisted pedaling for a smooth and fast commute. These levels are activated by a torque sensor that analyzes your pedaling effort and boosts it for timely arrival at each destination. Powered by a 500 watt rear hub motor you can cruise around your city at up to 45kph (28mph) with little manual effort required, making every ride this spring — and all season long — a breeze.


Want to know how fast you’re going and how much battery power you have left? The ST1X e-bike also comes with a digital interface that enables wireless interaction between your bike, the Stromer team, and your smartphone. With this advanced connectivity, you can easily tune your e-bike for an efficient commute and monitor the location your bike for anti-theft protection of your investment.


Gazelle 2019 NL C8 HMB

With its colorful changing leaves and cooler days, fall is the time for adventures and exciting rides — and you need an e-bike that allows you to do just that. The NL C8 HMB is dedicated to bringing you a functional and comfortable urban riding experience, but without the manual pedaling power required to get you through the toughest terrains.


This line of e-bikes is built with a balanced geometry and a lightweight aluminum frame with a low center of gravity provide stability and control when loaded with cargo. That’s all thanks to the integrated pedal-assist render that boosts your manual pedaling effort to ensure a smooth and steady climb. Robust, heavy duty front and rear utility racks allow the Gazelle NL to carry just about anything you can think of.


We’re offering an additional battery for just C$299 – that’s 1000WH of energy for a great price! With these specs and dynamic build, it’s no wonder that functional cargo style bikes are quickly getting a makeover. Gazelle e-bikes pack everything we love about traditional city bikes — but with increased support through the integrated battery power to eliminate the fatigue that slows you down.


Where are you headed this fall? Take time to enjoy the cooler upcoming weather while staying safe on your bike and practicing social distancing. Whether it’s to enjoy the outdoor spaces downtown, or completely off-road on exciting trails outside your city, get the best e-bike for the ride.


To learn more about the top e-bikes this fall, call Amego EV at 1-866-426-1671 or email us at [email protected].


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