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Written by Cody Bullis

Most people who own an e-bike know what a Stromer is, to everyone who doesn’t, it’s the Cadillac of e-bikes.

Stromer has an interesting conception story, much more interesting than most bike shops. According to the legend, Stromer’s founder, Thomas Binggeli, sold his parents livestock while they were away. With the money earned, he founded his own bicycle brand. The legend leaves out his parents reaction, which I am curious about. Either way, good or bad, Thomas Binggeli went along to win Switzerland’s 2006, Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. It wasn’t until 2009, and the inspiration from brands like Google and Tesla, that the Stromer we know today was introduced to the market.

Stromer is driven and founded by innovation, they proved that by developing the world’s first digitally connected e-bike in 2014. The ST2 connects and communicates directly to your smartphone.

The entry price for a Stromer e-bike, in every Canadian e-bike store but Amego, is $4000+. Being a powerhouse in innovation and design, Amego knew that the Canadian market would love Stromer. There was only one problem, not everyone could afford the entry level bike. Amego realized this, so they became the only e-bike distributor in Canada that carries the Stromer V1 Sport.

Finding the Stromer V1 Sport in Canada is nearly impossible because The V1 is exclusive to Amego. When it comes to entry-level bikes, the Stromer V1 is in a whole new category. You get the 2013 frame with a 2016 propulsion system, a beautiful all in one design (battery built in), digital display, 36v battery, power assist that will get you up to 32km with ease and a 2-year warranty . I had the chance to ride the V1 and I enjoyed every moment of it. With the new propulsion system, transitioning gears and increasing speed was so smooth and effortless. One of the reasons why the V1 would be my first choice for an entry level e-bike is because of the brand; from the outer design to the inside wiring, Stromer is nothing but high quality. You know you're purchasing a bike that will be around for a long time, a bike that will need minimum adjustments but has an army of support if needed.

Out of the four levels of pedal assist, my personal favorite was power. Getting up to 32km\h was easy and thrilling. Having the capability to ride at such a high speed, I actually enjoyed driving in Toronto’s during rush hour. Yes, rush hour was fun. Driving in the bike lane, at 32km, made me feel like a superhero. Seeing the cars, not moving an inch, and being able to blow by them with ease was very fulfilling. Instead of the dreadful hour commute on the TTC, it only took me 20 minutes to get home.

When I got home, I came to the conclusion that I needed to remove the battery before I took it up to my place. Luckily, removing that battery was as easy as pushing a button. Literally, with one push, the battery swung out of the frame.

Returning the Stromer V1 was the worst part of the experience. It made commuting so enjoyable, that I don’t know how to move forward without it.

  • Power modes – 4 levels of pedal assist
  • Speed – up to 32km\h
  • Range – 40-70kms
  • Battery – ST396 36V/11AH
  • Recharging time – 2- 4Hrs
  • Motor - 500w Brushless, Mountain 33, The Climbing Specialist, 40lb Ft Of Torque
  • Brakes - BB7 Mechanical Disc
  • Gears - 85p Shimano Alivo


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