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“The ST1 X is the newest member of the Stromer family. Its elegant finish hints at its design and technological innovations. In addition to the clean white and charcoal finishes, you can also choose a fresh shade of orange for your ST1 X. Apart from that, two models with different frame sizes are available. The Comfort model with its 17-inch frame offers great ease of mounting and dismounting, even when you’re wearing elegant clothing. The Sport version comes with a 17-, 20- or 22-inch frame, depending on your height.”

What Stromer Has to Say

“The ST1 X doesn’t need to be charged as often as the ST1. The 619 Wh battery, which is hidden in the down tube, can cover a distance of up to 120 km. If you decide to take the stronger 814 Wh battery, you can ride up to 150 km. Powered by a 500 W Cyro Drive motor with 35 Nm torque, it takes hardly any effort at all to drive off on your e-bike. Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of urban mobility at up to 45 km/h.”


  • Roxim X4 EP headlight
  • Weighs 57lbs
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Omni and theft protection included
  • 619Wh battery (48V)
  • Compatible with the ST2 battery
  • The ST1x has a 500 Watt 35nm Cyro drive rather than a Syno drive.
  • Shimano SLX 11 speed.

First Impressions ( by Cody Bullis)

Stromer is only launching one new e-bike model in 2017. I was a bit confused at first but as I took my first ride on the ST1X, it all started to make sense. 

I was lucky enough to take the ST1X for a spin months before it's available in-store. Riding it seemed effortless and smooth, yet powerful. As I rode down Bloor Street, the cars I passed looked dazed and confused. They knew as I drove by with the charcoal colored e-bike, with its copper colored stripe running down the side,  that they made an unfortunate mistake taking their car to work that day. I was zooming by dozens of cars that were stuck in stop and go traffic. Depending on the e-bike, transitioning between different power assists and increasing speed can be evident in the way it rides. The ST1X was nothing but  smooth. The ride was so smooth that I hit top speed without realizing how much work I was putting in. There was a point that my GPS couldn't keep up with the bike. Riding this bike made me feel like a superhero, I could feel the attention it was drawing and damn it felt good.

Stromer outdid themselves again.

My Takeaways

  • It has a head-turning design with a system to match it
  • The Omni display is incredible and works well in sunlight
  • The Stromer GPS tracker is more precise than the one in my phone
  • Acceleration was incredible
  • Using the Stromer app was very beneficial
    • Check riding statistics and battery level
    • Check GPS location
    • Adjust the motor tuning for the different assist levels
    • Lock the bike to protect from theft


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