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Have you ever felt extraordinary? It’s like having a wave of happiness move throughout your body, crashing into every corner, making you feel incredible. The feeling consumes your body, it begins in your feet and makes its way through the body. The process is always different, it can all happen in the matter of seconds, minutes, or even hours; it all depends on what triggers it. The dictionary defines it as feeling, “very unusual or remarkable”, but it is much more than that.

Do you remember the test you aced, the one you thought you were going to fail? The last-second goal you scored to win the game? The first time you met the love of your life? The time you won the championship match? The time you delivered one of the best presentations your boss has ever seen? Remember breaking your personal best, after dozens of times trying?

Feeling extraordinary isn’t usually a planned feeling, it hits you when you least expect it. You were never expecting to walk into the tournament as the underdog and come out victorious. You weren’t expecting to take a quick coffee run before your big meeting and run into the person of your dreams and then make it back to do a presentation that left your boss speechless.

Feeling extraordinary comes when you least expect it. It feels more fulfilling than being confident, it is more overwhelming than being happy, it’s just different. You can see it in the face, it takes you by surprise, works its way up, and comes out in the form of a smile.

There is a simple way to sum everything up. Feeling extraordinary can be compared to feeling like a superhero. It’s a moment of strength, a moment of courage and pride. You will never forget the day that you felt extraordinary because it was not any other ordinary day, it was the day you felt like a superhero.

Replication is almost impossible. The best way to achieve the extraordinary is to push your limits and to get out of your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone will always leave you feeling ordinary. It’s not until you begin to push yourself and take risks, where you will be able to come close to feeling like a superhero. Finding your loved one and opening up to them is never comfortable. Pushing yourself to exhaustion to win your final game is not comfortable. Presenting in front of your boss is scary. Great things happen when you try, you can’t predict the outcome. Who knows, maybe you spill the coffee on yourself or still lose your final match even though you pushed yourself as hard as you could. You will never know, after all, extraordinary happens when you least expect it.

At Amego, we get the lucky chance to witness the overwhelming feeling. We get to see it transfer up the body and turn into a smile. We actually have a name for it, it is called the EV grin. The EV grin, Electric Vehicle grin, occurs when someone tries out an E-Bike for their first time. Is it the same feeling as finding your life partner, no, but it is still a type of love. Is it as fulfilling as pushing yourself to exhaustion to win your final game, no, but it is thrilling. Best of all, it’s unexpected.

A lot of people have never had the chance to try out an E-Bike for themselves. They might have heard about them from a friend or family member, but have never personally tried it. Trying something new can be an intimidating thing, especially with a concept a lot of people are not familiar with.

When given the chance to test ride one of our E-Bikes, people tend to be very excited. Before jumping on a bike, we make sure to give a full rundown on how it works. Our main priority before a test ride is to make sure the rider is aware and comfortable. Once they get on and begin to ride the bike, it’s a magical thing.

As soon as they sit down on the bike, legs planted firmly on the ground for balance, they make sure that they are on the proper power assist mode. Pushing off with their strong leg, they go forward down the alley. The first pedal propels them much further than they thought, now they are picking up some speed. Faster and faster the bike goes down the lane with nothing to stop it besides the inevitable end. Turning around, the rider looks much more comfortable on the bike. So on the way back, they change the assist mode to power to get as much speed as possible. They hit 32km/h on their way back and as they begin to slow down, you can see it on their face.

The EV grin strikes again.


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