Review: The All-New Stromer ST2, First Ride and Impressions.

Review: The All-New Stromer ST2, First Ride and Impressions.

In this article Mike reviews and scores the all new Stromer ST2 Belt drive. We take a look at all the things that make this new addition to the Stromer family worth owning.

My Name is Mike and I love to ride E-bikes and give my feedback on what make an E-Bike worth owning so follow me through my first ever written review of a bike and what a great first bike to review. The all-new Stromer ST2.



The appearance: The Stromer ST2 is a beautiful bike the sleek frame design makes the bike look like no other. This bike is available in a comfort and sport frame I rode the Sport. The cabling is mostly integrated with prevents the bike from looking sloppy and the bike is available in 2 color options black and blue. There is not much to say on the looks besides its beautiful. The bike is beautiful but it’s not as beautiful as the ST3/ST5. The bike also does not require any keys and the battery is ejected through the OMNI interface at the push of a button after your personal pin code has been entered. Stromer has also redesigned the U-Light to bring a new sharper look to the bike.

I rate the overall appearance of the bike: 7/10



The performance: Well this is the part where we talk about the ride quality of the bike. I will say this its smooth very smooth the Gates Carbon belt drive give the ST2 a whole new ride feeling the SynoDriveIG also provides the bike with a punchy 750 W (US: 570 Watt) and an updated Gen 2 TMM Sensor there is no hill this bike cannot tackle. If you already have ridden a Stromer I will warn you this bike does not accelerate as aggressively as the chain drive bikes but keep in mind this bike is focused on being the ultimate everyday commuter bike and can still maintain 45km/h. Now on flat land the 5 Speed Sturmey Archer internal gear hub is great by design and minimizes maintenance making it a great year-round commuter on flat land the shifting is crisp and responsive. The one drawback is if you do not shift down prior to climbing a hill the bike will not allow you to unless you stop pedaling all together which can be frustrating. The stromer ST2 also uses tektro HD922 Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors pair that with the regen brake system and the bike can stop on a dime.

It is also worth mentioning, that this bike only has 5 gears in comparison to the usual 11 on the ST3/ST5, so if you have ridden either of those bikes, it will take some getting used to when shifting.

Now lets talk about the range there are multiple battery options for these bikes and they are capable of up to 180km / 200km per charge and the 245w lightning charger will take your battery from empty to full in just 3 hours meaning you can spend less time plugged in and more time on the road

Overall, I rate the performance a 7/10.


Comfort: The kinekt seat post option is a must with this bike as the ride can be rough on some roads and if you want to take your comfort to the next level add the WREN suspension fork for the ultimate riding experience.

The frame design is quite nice as well it offers a nice upright riding position even on the sport model which is fantastic as the older bikes were a little more aggressive. The E-Gridlock by Vee Tires are very smooth and soft they do offer a lot of traction and little slip while riding. The thick tires offer a huge amount of comfort and more puncture resistance.

Overall, I rate the comfort: 7/10


Reliability: The new frame design brings the Stromer to a new level of reliability the controller is a big change its no longer externally mounted under a heat sync cover they are now kept within the frame which means there is less room for contamination and failure. The integration of the cabling as well is better than the older models. There were issues with the frame of the battery popping out on some bikes and the first run require a wicket spacer, this caused the bike to sporadically shut down, which has now been resolved.

Overall, I rate the reliability of the ST2: 6.8/10


Technology: The ST2 is jam packed with technology the Touchscreen OMNI C display is the brain of the bike it comes with a 3G sim card that allows your cellphone to talk to the bike. This allows the user to tune the motor through a cellphone for the most efficiency and transfer the data to the bike. You can also lock the bike with a PIN or remotely as well which prevents the bike from being pedaled and activates an alarm. If someone attempts to take your bike the alarm will ring, and you will get a text message indicating someone is attempting to steal your bike making the Stromer the most secure bike. There are many amazing features this OMNI App offers and with the freshly updated interface it makes the App very user friendly and a more modern look to it as well. Not to mention to remote diagnostic system allows your Local bike shop pinpoint issues without the bike even going into a shop.

I rate the technology overall: 10/10


Summary: The overall quality of the bike is fantastic, the ride is smooth and responsive. The bike is very well equipped with its double wall fenders, rack, Head light and tail light with brake light this is almost as good as it get, as I mentioned there are a few minor drawbacks, but it is a great value for what you get.  it is a fantastic product and I feel this bike is a game changer for anyone who is looking at getting the ultimate commuter bike the riding experience cannot be beaten and I think they are well worth test riding and owning.


Amego Score

Overall, I rate this bike a 37.8/50


Written by: Mike Stein



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