Review: Gazelle T9 HMB a Bike Made for Everyone

Review: Gazelle T9 HMB a Bike Made for Everyone

Gazelle is known for creating some of the best bikes on today’s market with over 129 years of success under their belt Gazelle has some of the best insight in the industry.

Gazelle T9 Medeo HMB A high end bike at a mid-range cost.

Today we are looking at the T9 Medeo HMB and discussing what makes this bike the best bang for your buck.


The appearance: This is an easy part to discuss the T9 Medeo HMB is overall a beautiful bike with 2 frame options both low step and high step with 2 battery configurations rack mount on the low step and downtube mounted on the high step The design of the bike is very streamline. Weighing in at only 48.1LBS the T9 Medeo HMB looks almost no different then a conventional bicycle Gazelle has done a fantastic job of minimizing the exposed wires and keeping the electronic complexity at a minimum. The fenders and rack compliment this bike well as they are not too profound and blend into the bike very well along with the integrated lights this bike looks great and is equipped with everything you need to get out and ride.

I rate the overall appearance of the bike: 6/10


The performance: Gazelle builds their bikes with some of the dependable electronics on today’s market. This model is equipped with the Bosch active line plus motor which is a smooth light weight motor that produces 50NM of torque, The 400wh Bosch powerpack battery is quite efficient and can take you up to 95km per charge depending on how you ride that bike which is quite good. The Bosch Purion display the display is very simple to operate hit the power button choose you assist level and you’re off the display will also show you your range remaining, battery level and Odometer all bikes after MY17 are equipped with a walk assist mode as well.

The brake system on this bike is no joke, equipped with Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic disk brakes this bike can stop on a dime. The 9 Speed Shimano ACERA drivetrain offers crisp responsive gear changes taking your riding experience to the next level.

The reason for my rating is there is a larger battery option on some gazelle along with the Bosch performance line motor and higher end mechanical components which we will discuss in my next Gazelle review.


Overall, I rate the performance a 5.5/10.


Comfort: When you think of Gazelle you think of comfort now there are models that have a higher level of comfort, but this bike still is very pleasant to ride some Gazelle models are equipped with a mono shock the T9 Medeo HMB uses a Suntour suspension fork which does a fantastic job of absorbing all the little bumps in the road and the Selle-Royal saddle is the same story the only thing you may need to consider buying for this bike is potentially a suspension seat post.


Overall, I rate the comfort: 6/10


Reliability: This part will be a bit shorter as we already know Bosch is very well known for making one of the most reliable systems the bike itself is very well constructed and feels solid while riding Gazelle clearly knows how to give the customer what they want. The only thing I will say is a must is when you replace your first chain upgrade to an ebike chain that offers a bit more strength.


Overall, I rate the reliability: 9.5/10


Technology: On the surface it seems like the T9 Medeo HMB doesn’t have a ton of complexity which is true. The operation of the electrical system is user friendly its just push a button and go its what is inside the bike that makes this machine shine Most Bosch motors can be customized to the riders wants at the time of purchase offering packages like Road, Gravel and some models a mountain option this can be installed by your local Bosch dealer on top of that the motor does approximately 1,000 calculations per pedal rotation in that time it figures out what gear you are in and how hard you are pedaling and based off that it delivers the correct amount of assist.


I rate the technology overall: 8/10


Summary: The Gazelle T9 Medeo HMB is no joke and coming into the market at $3,399CAD this bike cost only a little bit more then most of the entry level ebikes making it obtainable to most consumers. The 2-year electrical 10-year frame warranty offer peace of mind as you know you are covered for multiple riding seasons. I truly believe this is one of the best value bikes on the market currently and with so many positive attributes it makes it hard to ignore.


Amego Score

Overall, I rate this bike a 35/50


Written by: Mike Stein




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