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"13 Countries, 8500 km – 365 days. These are the stats so far for 26 year old Greek Angelos Georgopoulos who is attempting to cycle around the world by electric folding bike; plus the odd train/ airplane/ ferry/ bus/ truck, all the while sleeping mainly and hopefully in local’s houses’ says Angelos’ Facebook page.

The whole trip is actually scheduled for 60 weeks and Angelos got in touch from his current location somewhere in the Amazon jungle (having already cycled through Europe and the US) and EBR would like to help him celebrate his stunning achievement that has seen him and his bike travel through a tough US winter and travel along jungle rivers by canoe.

For route details see here and here is a video montage of all his experiences (explicit lyrics in the video music):

Angelos’s trip seems part journey of self-discovery, part fun trip and part educational training experience. Good luck for the rest of the trip Angelos and let us know when you are nearing the finish so we can celebrate again with you…" (EBR)

From Angelos's Facebook Page

Celebrating One Year On The Road in EU, USA, SA!
13 Countries, 8500 km – 365 days in 284 seconds...
Refining the moments – enjoying the best!

For the best photos of this year and an A.W.E.S.O.M.E collage, you may check this: | |

From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my gratitude to all the beautiful people I have met during this year. So many kind and helpful people that hosted me and guided me around all these new places! Also I would like to thank all of you here (and elsewhere) that supported me with your comments and/or messages - it's really touching and encouraging and I like it and thank you. Also, many many thanks to the ones who so generously made a donation through the blog!

Of course I cannot forget my sponsors, as, in reality, behind the companies, I contacted people that share the same passions as me, and they generously contributed me without any consideration! In particular, I would like to thank bike mechanic and e-bike specialist, Simos Effraimiadis, from Redivider, for perfectly setting up the bike, along with fabricating some parts. add-e, for providing me with the smallest, most lightweight and so powerful e-bike kit!! Alpamayo PRO supplied me with durable and very lightweight camping equipment. DZR Shoes for the best casual, waterproof, durable, beautiful and stealth bike shoes out there. I should also mention Ομάδα Τέχνης Πάροδος, for their financial and psychological support Last, but not least, as he was the first, Loukas, from Loukas Bikes. He provided me with all the high-tech quality of Endura bike wear! Loukas, saw me with the big map of the world (the days before I left, when I was looking for sponsors), where I had plotted my desired route and he told me "of course I will give you whatever you need, because it will be my pleasure looking at you cycling and having fun in the most distant places of the world".

So here I am, one year later, in the Amazon Jungle, in Peru. In the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road - Iquitos. Watching this little video for the millionth time, and this moon so bright for the first time - thinking about this last year as a... Wave! Intense in its continuous flow and unpredictable, building up in search of adventure on the sake of exploration. I thought my wave would reach Ithaca, or at least Greece, in one year's time from my departure.. Obviously this is not the case as I felt like pushing myself a lot. I needed more time in order to fully experience what was new. Not only in actually living it, but also in reflecting upon it, in thinking/ writing/ creating about it. For sure, I enjoyed every single day! Not that there were no tough days, but every single day had some good parts in it.

I find extremely intriguing how drastically different was my reality for the past year.. The possible ways to live our life seems to be infinite and this is very... shocking, I think.
[...and then it's AWESOME! ]


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