New Generation E-Bikes - All Designed to Improve Riders Experience with More Technical Features

New Generation E-Bikes - All Designed to Improve Riders Experience with More Technical Features

Looking to reinvent your commute? Go to Amego Electric Vehicles’ store online or visit it in Toronto. Amego has all the latest range of versatile, eco-friendly, and trendy electric bicycles to choose from the e-bike brands like Amego, NCM, Riese & Muller, Stromer, Gazelle, Aventon, Opus, Tern, and Elby, just to name a few. The inventory is so wide with the variety that e-bike fans will hardly turn back. 

Since 2010 Amego has developed their product line from the ground up, working directly with manufacturers to build electric bikes that offer high quality and great value. Amego launched a range of e-bikes to power the new generation, with next-generation chassis designs featuring sharper, slimmer, and high-performance electric bicycle varieties that include Amego Infinite Plus.

Amego Infinite Plus

True to its name, Amego Infinite Plus has is the ultimate fully-loaded urban commuter e-bike, featuring a powerful 500w motor, 48v battery, and enabling riders to cover a 30-65-mile range. I’d like to tell you that the range of Amego e-bikes is the result of Amego’s 10-year’s experience in the electric bicycle market. The famous German-owned manufacturer BB-Leisger has built the Infinite for Amego and the German company Das-Kit manufactured the motor, controller, and display for Amego Infinite Plus. 

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Stromer ST1X OMNI C

High-quality and all-rounder electric bikes from Stromer, this e-bike combines digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and eco-friendly mobility and is designed to deliver a truly high-speed, smooth-power riding experience. Not only in its capabilities, but the Stomer ST1X e-bike also has a clean look, giving a color touch screen control panel, remote locking with the Stromer App, and a built-in GPS tracking system. Stromer ST1X's style, utility, performance, and comfort altogether make it a great choice for commuting, running errands, or recreational rides.

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NCM Moscow e-Bike

The inventory of Amego electric bikes also includes this popular electric mountain bike. NCM Moscow e-bikes feature a stout Suntour XCT coil fork and preload adjustment. A highly efficient motor and high capacity battery make it great for commuting to work, endless hours of fun, or intense sessions in the great outdoors. NCM Moscow E-bikes are designed with durability, style, and comfort in mind. Sounds interesting? You’d be more when you see a built-in USB port built-in with your e-bike, giving you the freedom to have a long day out and ensuring that you never miss anything important because your smart devices ran out of power. 

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Avento e-Bike

This generation likes Avento e-bikes, especially for their sleek, stealthy, low-profile design. It’s definitely a nice-looking electric bike, giving an easy-to-change riding position from the city/commuter to the cruiser with the adjustable stem. Yes, Avento e-bikes will be of little help to get up those steep hills when you are exhausted and it’s early in the morning, but the powerful battery of this e-bike brand can complete your ride on a single charge.

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A Brief Afterword

Amego lines up all the latest range of bestseller electric bikes from popular brands. The new generation e-bike enthusiasts would definitely like the in-store visit, as well as an online store visit to take stock of the current bestseller Amego electric bikes

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