Meet The New Aventon Level 2

Meet The New Aventon Level 2

The Aventon Level 2 electric bike is made with comfort and convenience in mind. It has a collection of design features and components that make it user-friendly while looking great.

This revamped version shares similar traits with the popular Level but offers all-new technology from torque sensed pedal assist to color display with smart phone connectivity.

Hard-To-Beat Comfort Level

Aventon has ensured the Level 2 is comfortable to ride with some well-thought-out additions. For example, they have fitted it with a suspension fork with 65mm of travel. Therefore vibrations and shock from the road are dramatically reduced, meaning you can ride for longer in comfort.

Comfort is enhanced further thanks to the ergonomic grips and comfort saddle. But the included fenders stop water and dirt from spraying up, making riding in inclement weather more pleasant and keeping your clothes clean.

User-Friendly And Safe

The attractive frame design is also purposeful. It features a low-slung top tube that makes mounting and dismounting effortless, especially if you have mobility issues or wear long clothing. It even comes in step-over and step through frame styles to fit a variety of riders. The Aventon level 2 is great for running errands thanks to its fitted cargo rack and center-mounted adjustable length kickstand, adding to its usability.

Furthermore, the included front and rear lights, combined with the tires' reflective sidewalls, keep you visible to other road users in low-light conditions.

The powerful hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors give this electric bike excellent stopping power, even in the wet. They have excellent feel through the brake levers, which are easy to modulate, giving you lots of control and safety.

Power And Efficiency

The Aventon Level 2 is equipped with a punchy 500W motor with torque sensor pedal assistance. The motor runs through an 8-speed drivetrain and a removable internal lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) battery. This combination provides excellent efficiency, resulting in a 40-mile average range depending on how and where you ride.

The torque sensor tells the controller to seamlessly enhance your pedaling efforts through 5 assistance levels. It gives you perfect control over your speed, whether you want to blast through the streets or take it easy on a leisurely ride.

You can also ride this electric bike on the throttle, so you can let the bike do all the work when you're not in the mood for pedaling.

Easy-To-Read Display

The Aventon Level 2's color display is mounted on the handlebar stem. Its position makes it less vulnerable to damage and puts vital information right in front of you.

The display indicates your speed, your battery charge, the pedal assist level, how far you've traveled, and much more on its clear and vivid screen. It also allows you to control all the aspects of your bike, such as its class rating, lights, and assistance level.

It also features a USB socket to charge your smartphone while riding. This is excellent if you use your phone for navigating around the streets.

Sync to the Aventon app to share your trips with your friends!

Who Is The Aventon Level 2 For?

The Aventon Level 2 is perfect for those who want a user-friendly and stylish electric bike. Its comfort and versatility make it the perfect companion for urban riding when you want to leave the car at home.



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