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EuroBike is the one bicycle event that everyone in the industry looks forward to. It’s the undisputed leading global trade show for the bike business, it is where the magic happens. EuroBike is where the industry gets to network, win over partners and present their new products/tech to the media. From bluetooth modules to newly innovative e-bike frames, the event showcases all of the new and cutting-edge products for the first time. Besides showcasing and networking, it also works as a think tank; somewhere where the industry leaders can come and be inspired.

After the cocktails have been bought and the business cards handed out, the thing that really makes the business go round is the excitement and enthusiasm of the bike consumers.

EuroBike brings over a 1000 exhibitors from 53 countries to present their products and services. Some of these exhibitors are here to showcase some of the world firsts, and some to show their spin on something old. Out of the 1000+ Exhibitors, here are some of the new and upcoming products you need to keep an eye out for.'

Bionx’s Bluetooth Module and Display

By e-bike sports

“It comes with no surprise that with all the growth in the e-bike industry and many players trying to make a name for themselves, BionX has once again proven it can be innovative and excel providing a new and improved user experience.” (“Ride Bionx”, 2016). The industry has seen a huge increase in new brands and products, and with this, comes new technology. Bionx has been the front-runner in innovation, from their lightweight designs to their regeneration system. Now, Bionx can include an app that is compatible with iOS and Android and a Bluetooth Module to their list of innovations.

“The new BionX Bluetooth module will offer all BionX riders the ability to connect their cell phone devices while on their e-bike. Available for Android and iOS, the new Bluetooth device provides connectivity by plugging it into the new RC3 controller on the handlebar and pairing it with your smart phone.” (“Ride Bionx”, 2016). Bionx is one of the first e-bike companies to bring a post-market, Bluetooth solution. A lot of Bionx’s recent bikes have had Bluetooth integrated, but now, old or new, you can make your Bionx bike Bluetooth compatible with their new module.


  • iOS and Android
  • Voice commands
  • Complete display of ride data
  • GPS mapping
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Web portal : ride statistics, create your own routes


People who live in a big city know about the struggle when it comes to space, which is why foldable bikes are becoming quite common. Besides bicycles, foldable e-bikes are also becoming a sought after item. If you never heard, or wanted one, you will now.

Introducing Elektron, the new standard of foldable e-bikes.

“All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the world on the cusp of auto-mobility, ride sharing, and the mainstream arrival of electric vehicles, it’s an exciting moment for transportation. To help drive this force of change, we developed the world’s most compact Bosch-driven electric bike. The Tern Elektron takes everything great about folding bikes—multi-modal commuting, portability for travel and storage—and accelerates it.” (“Elektron”, 2016”).





Virginia Block, Founder and CEO of Amego, got a chance to try the new Stromer ST1X.

Testing new ST1X

The company has decided to retire its one-time flagship model, the ST1, and replace it with the ST1X. The ST1X is built upon an ST2 frame but comes with a smaller battery, with a decent amount of pedaling, you can more than 100km out of one charge. For those who need a little more out of the battery, the ST1X is compatible with the larger battery from the ST2.


Just likes it predecessor, the ST1X will have a touchscreen interface mounted on the top tube, GPS tracking included. Don’t worry about night time either, the ST1X will come a Supernova headlight and will also weigh a little less than the ST2 model.



  • Supernova headlight
  • Comes in three colors: orange, black, and white
  • Weighs 57lbs
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Gps Tracking
  • 618Wh battery (48V)
  • Compatible with the ST2 battery
  • The ST1x has a 500 Watt 35nm Cyro drive rather than a Syno drive.
  • Step thru frame is available in 17". Diamond shaped frame is available in 17, 20,

Also, some big news coming soon regarding Amego and Stromer

Founder of Stromer exciting upcoming news

More info to come


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