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This post is written by Optimistic Eco, about her experience attending our Earth Day event.

Amego Electric Bikes hosted an Earth Day event and I had the opportunity to test drive two different Amego Electric Bikes!!

"Amego Electric Vehicles designs distributes and retails its own line of Canadian electric bicycles and scooters that are smart, stylish and fun."

Let me tell you I will never be able to ride a bike the same!

It got me where I needed to in half the time. Even with its fast speed, I felt full control of the bike. The structure is strong and sleek, yet it looks like any regular bike.

Their bikes are easily rechargeable. You can plug the bike right into an outlet or if that's not easy to do, you can easily remove the battery and plug it in.

The market for electric vehicles is constantly growing and changing, and its great to see it growing into other sectors.

Amego doesn't just have awesome bikes, they’re also advocates for bikes in the City. They have become a part of the eco-friendly movement by advocating for by-laws. Their founder met with City Hall to implement them.

They are truly focused on the future.

I got to try the Amego Fold and Amego Bold.

The Amego Fold is their city bike and it's amazing! The battery will power you for 40km-75km, getting you to and from work, and to run all your errands. Yes, it does fold!

The Amego Bold looks like any regular bike, but isn't like one at all! It has a 52 tooth crank wheel that allows you to power above the Bolds motor power. This can give you speeds up to 45 km/h and a range of 110km!

They also carry the Amego Husky which is a bulky electric bike, for the more adventures type as this bike can go into the sand, snow, and much more!

Amego bikes are just like any bike, but way cooler! I truly recommend purchasing an electric bike, as it is an awesome alternative to using your car. Many of us are guilty of using our car for short distances, which does pollute the environment. I wish Amego EV, Virginia (President & Founder), and all their team members continued success!

We are glad you enjoyed your experience.


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