5 Reasons Now Is The Time You Should Get An Electric Bike

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5 Reasons Now Is The Time You Should Get An Electric Bike

Searching for a new way to get around town and enjoy the sights in your city on Earth Day and beyond? Discover the benefits of hopping on an electric bike for your commute and more.

Even though we can't celebrate Earth Day as we normally would with tree plantings and other community activities this year, there are outdoor activities we can all enjoy that are good for your health and good for the planet – and electric bikes are on this list (now and post quarantine).


Many experts view e-bikes as a safe way to avoid crowded public places. Cycling through your city, on a trail or street is permitted, as most people on bicycles are reasonably far apart from each other and since you are moving quickly, there's not much opportunity to transfer the virus by closely talking with people. Just be courteous to those around you. If you do need to come to a stop, maintaining proper 6 foot distance from others.


Scenic trails make for great leisure riding as well, and cities are increasing the number of bike lanes available. For those who work, live, and play in the city, this compact lifestyle radius, means electric bikes are the perfect tool to combat the hassle of the rush hour commute (during normal times) and get away from the home office to run errands or just get outside.


Among current owners, electric bikes are loved for their many eco-friendly and health benefits.  You’ll find that many owners see e-bikes as a solid alternative to cars for a list of reasons not least thanks to their battery-powered pedal assist and functional design options that cut down the time and energy required to cover long distances while carrying cargo.


Searching for a new way to get around town and enjoy the sights in your city during quarantine - and beyond? Discover the benefits of hopping on an electric bike for your commute and more:


Eco-friendly living

Sustainability is a major concern across the globe - especially on days like today, Earth Day. As residents of a global cities like Toronto, we know all about how much waste and pollution a major urban centre produces. This calls for a shift towards eco-friendly living possible, starting with transportation.


Instead of idle cars in downtown traffic (during normal times), think about how much faster you’d get around — and gas you save — with an electric bike. Enjoy a seamless and sustainable commute, and even get a healthy workout in, but without sweating through your clothes on each ride. With these perks alone, saving the planet is just a nice bonus to the everyday convenience of electric bikes.


Safe and efficient commute

The horrors of rush hour traffic are all too familiar — whether it’s sitting in your car on the highway and moving just an inch at a time, or pushing to get into crowded buses and trains, getting to work and going home always feels like a battle with highway traffic and public transit. But not anymore.


Electric bikes transform your everyday commute into a safe and stress-free experience. The pedaling motion is a nice, gentle workout, which won’t make you sweat through your suit. That’s all because of the battery-powered pedal assist that matches and amplifies your pedaling effort, giving you a much-needed boost through long rides or unpredictable terrains.


By cutting down your morning and evening commute time, you can also reduce your exposure to road pollution as you beat traffic and get around faster. Hitting the road has never been easier and more relaxing.


Better long-term health

Leisure biking on weekends is a great way to enjoy your city's scenic nature trails and parks. Combined with your daily commute, you can easily burn off calories and stay fit and active through the years. But not everyone is up for burning leg muscles and uncomfortable seating when pedaling regular mountain or road bikes.


With an electric upgrade, biking has never been easier and faster. Get your daily workout away from you home office with the regular pedaling motion, but cut down on the manual effort required to cover long distances - if you choose.


And just like being behind the wheel or exercises, you can improve your body’s coordination and responses to real-time traffic scenarios with each ride. With fresh air outdoors, ergonomic seating and handling, and battery assist for pedaling along trails, busy streets, and tough terrains, what’s not to love about electric bikes?


Modern lifestyle

The best of city living means maintaining a compact lifestyle radius — picking up groceries two blocks away, renting close to work, and hanging out at your city’s hip attractions on the weekend. But how do you move around this space?


With the constant traffic downtown and limited — and often expensive — parking spots available, driving isn’t the most attractive and practical solution. And while you can cram into rush hour transit, just how much of the stress can you put up with?


Switching to electric bikes is a winning lifestyle solution. It’s an investment in fast, effective, and eco-friendly transportation that doesn’t require expensive gas money, parking, or putting up with the rush hour commute on transit.


Beat the traffic and cover the occasional slope effortlessly with the battery-powered assist that boosts your pedaling effort, so you arrive refreshed from the outdoors, not sweaty and exhausted.


Opt for models that come with cargo carrying racks, or install those add-ons for picking up groceries or riding with the kids. And because living spaces in Toronto’s hot real estate market are often compact, you can easily store these sleek two-wheelers virtually anywhere without taking up much space.


Unbeatable savings

This radical upgrade to the two-wheelers we know may sound expensive because of the integrated display panels, remote controls, battery power, and speed they pack, but that’s not true. Electric bikes currently retail starting at just over $1000 — nowhere near the price of a car or scooter.


These bikes are a smart and affordable investment in your everyday commute and overall health. Plus, they don’t cost as much to use over the years. That’s thanks to their durable build, ergonomic design, and quick tuning. Hit the road and navigate through the toughest terrains quickly, knowing that you won’t be spending on gas, parking, parts, and regular maintenance.


Are you thinking of making the switch to electric bikes? To learn more about the benefits of an electric bike, call Amego EV at 1.866.418.6092 or contact us at [email protected].



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