Check Out The NCM Milano 27.5

Check Out The NCM Milano 27.5

The NCM Milano electric bike makes commuting effortless and weekend rides a pleasure. NCM has managed to pack lots of features into this fashionable and practical electric bike.

The NCM Milano electric bike makes commuting effortless and weekend rides a pleasure! NCM has managed to pack lots of features into this fashionable and practical electric bike.

If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable electric bike with style, the NCM Milano is a superb choice. This electric bike gives you versatility and excellent value for money while looking good on the roads.

A Versatile Frame Lightweight Frame

Its lightweight 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy frame is solid and durable to cope with urban riding. This frame material, combined with its well-thought-out construction, makes the frame very stiff. The extra stiffness gives it responsive handling and efficient power transfer. In addition to this, the frame has a step-thru design, making it super easy to mount and dismount.

A Powerful Maintenance-Free Motor

NCM has fitted the Milano electric bike with the punchy 500W geared rear hub motor. They chose this motor for its durability and high torque output. Riders love that it allows them to maintain 32KM/H (20MPH) for extended periods of time.

An Efficient Battery And Excellent Drivetrain

The excellent motor is powered by a semi-integrated battery. The subtleness of how the NCM has mounted the battery gives the Milano a sophisticated and stylish look.

You can also choose batteries with different capacities when you order your Milano. The stock battery is a 13ah item, but you can upgrade to either a 16ah or 21ah battery to extend the bike's already impressive range.

The NCM Milano's power system runs through a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, which delivers reliable and accurate gear shifting. Shimano is a well-renowned brand, so you can be confident that your bike has a drivetrain with quality components.

A Smooth Ride Quality

NCM has fitted the Milano electric bike with a front suspension fork. The fork gives you a plush ride, as it reduces vibrations passed to your hands from the road. This means you can ride for much longer before your hands and arms get tired.

Superb Handling And Stopping Power

The Milano is fitted with 27.5" wheels, which strike the perfect balance between bikes with smaller and larger wheels. 27.5" wheels roll over bumps in the road better than smaller wheels. But they provide more agile handling than 29" wheels.

Safety is paramount when riding an electric bike through the urban jungle. Therefore, NCM has fitted this bike with Tektro MD-M280 mechanical Disc Brakes. These use a 180mm rotor on the front wheel and a 160mm on the rear for excellent stopping power. The other advantage of these brakes is that they are easy to maintain.

Safe And Practical

The NCM Milano's range of accessories makes it a very versatile and safe electric bike. For example, it has been fitted with a robust cargo rack for carrying everything you need for the day. Also, the front and rear lights, combined with reflectors, make riding in low light conditions much safer.

Who Is The NCM Milano For?

The NCM Milano is ideal for many people. But, the step-thru frame and comfort make it perfect for urban commuters, food delivery riders and joy riders alike. The rear cargo rack makes this electric bike excellent for running errands too.

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