Can You Ride an Electric Bike Like a Normal Bike?

Can You Ride an Electric Bike Like a Normal Bike?

People always have too many questions about e-bikes. One of the most common questions we often get asked is, "can I ride an electric bike like a normal bicycle?" Let's find the answer here. 

The short answer is YES. You can ride most electric bikes like a normal bicycle. The ability to ride it like a regular bike often saves riders when their bikes run out of battery power. However, it is essential to know that the battery can make the electric bike heavier. So, consider taking the battery out if you are planning to ride your e-bike using only your legs.

Torque and Cadence Sensing

Most riders tend to use the motor to take advantage of pedal assist. However, when riding premium e-bikes, you may feel like pedal harder and have more exercise. Knowing about torque sensing and cadence sensing will help you understand why it happens. 

The torque sensor is a technology that uses a precision strain gauge. It measures the force on the pedal sampling at thousand times per second over the total pedal stroke. So overall, it is fair to conclude that torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedalling to figure out how much electric power the motor needs to provide to push the bike. Cadence sensors, on the other hand, work like a switch. It turns the motor on when you start pedalling and turns it off when you stop pedalling. The majority of basic electric bikes feature a cadence pedal sensor because it is an inexpensive way to get pedal assist while riding.

Basic electric bikes also feature low-quality torque sensors that don't accurately measure how much effort you are using to pedal. Therefore, the rider gets all the assistance at full power from the motor even when they pedal lightly. However, a high-quality torque sensor makes many adjustments to understand how much assistance you need while riding. For example, if you pedal harder, you will get more juice. However, if you pedal softly, it will back off the power.

Amego Electric Vehicles is a leading Toronto-based electric bike showroom. Many of our e-bikes feature premium torque sensors from flagship brands like Shimano and Bosch. While riding these bikes, you will experience that they will almost encourage you to pedal harder but only as much as you are comfortable with. So, investing in a high-quality electric bike means riding with more power and energy, which will help you to achieve your physical goals faster. 

We invite you to visit our Toronto showroom to take a test ride of the electric bike of your choice. We also sell electric bikes online and offer free shipping in Canada on orders over CAD 1900. 


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