Why Amego?

1. Stylish Electric Bikes Built with Safety in Mind

  • Offering the most stylish and hottest e-bikes on the market. Every detail is taken into consideration.
  • Ferrari’s Racing Team found our Brave and Bold shares Ferrari’s design inspiration and formed a co-branding agreement with us.
  • Amego electric bike have disc brakes, thicker tires, great visibility and lighting and certified safe chargers. 

2. Offering the Latest Technologies and Features Such as:

  • Resistant Free High Torque Japanese Motors on our electric bicycles
  • Compact light weight smart chargers on all electric bikes
  • Removable Advanced Lithium Ion option on all electric bikes
  • Advanced Digital Displays on all of our electric bicycles
  • Automatic sensored and integrated LED lighting on the Bold 

3. E-Bikes Built to European & North American Standards

  • Our Scooter styled E-Bikes meet DOT & EEC standards
  • Our E-Bikes have CUL, CE, and TUV certifications

4. Fast Moving & Offer Customizations

  • Constantly improving and upgrading components to meet market demands 
  • Can offer upgrades such as hydraulic disk brakes, NuVinci gearing system, customized graphic decals, unique colours, and corporate branding.

5. Full Canadian Support, Large Parts Inventory & 7 Years Experience Distributing E-Bikes

  • An 18,000 square foot E-Bike technology center and warehouse in Dundas, Ontario that has full parts availability, battery repair and diagnostic stations, welding, custom machining, and assembly stations. 
  • Knowledge and Experience to offer reliable components and quick easy support
  • Offer dealer training plus warranty and repair support

6. Strong Community Presence 

  • Attend numerous events and tradeshows such as the Ferrari Challenge, the Power of Woman with Ellen Degeneres, the International Auto Show,  and Expo Cycle by the Canadian Bicycle Association.
  • Donated to numerous charities such as the Heart & Stroke Foundation, the HBC Foundation, and the Pepsi Co. Foundation. 
Amego Events