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Muc-Off Bike Mat


Muc-Off Bike Mat

Made from high-grade, waterproof plastic this mat is an absolute lifesaver. It’s the perfect size for protecting your flooring from general bike mess during indoor cleaning, lubing, tuning and training. If you’re degreasing your bike chain or applying some lube, the Muc-Off Foldable Bike Mat is your cover against unwanted spillage. You can even put this multi-use mat underneath your bike when you’re on the trainer to keep the carpet safe from sweat while you’re getting ready for your next big race! The Muc-Off Foldable Bike Mat isn’t just good for home use. Its highly portable, easy to fold design makes it the perfect accessory when you’re travelling to those not-so-local rides. Once you’ve used our Foldable Bike Mat, you won’t know how you ever lived without it!

  • Foldable waterproof Bike Mat made from high-grade plastic
  • Provides cover against spillage when cleaning and maintaining your bike indoors
  • Excellent for use with a turbo trainer for indoor training
  • Ideal for travel to protect your car or van when travelling to rides