Yakkay Helmets

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Yakkay Paris Herringbone


Yakkay Paris Herringbone
Yakkay Tokyo Blue Stripe
Yakkay Tokyo Blue Technic
Yakkay Paris Herringbone
Yakkay Tokyo Dark Denim
Yakkay Tokyo Color Stripe
Yakkay Tokyo New Jazz
Yakkay Milano Blue Denim

Our Favorite Features

Yakkay helmets are so cool and stylish you wouldn't know it was a helmet at first glance. You can even change the covers according your style mood of the day. People will be asking you where you got your helmet from so be prepared for some extra attention.


Style and safety all in one helmet.

About the Brand

It is no coincidence that Yakkay was founded in Denmark. The fact that the people of Denmark are among the most bike-riding and design-loving people in the world inspired a group of leading Danish designers to initiate the company. Yakkay's products are developed on the basis of our insight into contemporary people's specific wishes and issues. This insight is transformed into obvious and beautifully designed solutions. The solutions are YAKKAY's products. Yakkay is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark and has distribution all over the world.



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Regular Price: $150.00

Special Price $50.00


Product Description

Yakkay bicycle helmets unite safety and appearance, a bike helmet that looks like a stylish hat.
This design awarded concept will quickly make you one of the most stylish E-Bikers on the road!
Amego only has small Yakkay helmets left in stock at this discount price. The helmet comes with three sizes of circular foam inserts to make it fit your head snug.

Product Specifications

Size Small 51cm-54cm
Material Hard Shell with EPS foam
Features Removable covers
Colours Paris Herringbone, Tokyo Blue Technic, Tokyo New Jazz, Tokyo Colour Stripe, Tokyo Blue Stripe, Tokyo Dark Denim
Certifications EN 1078
Warranty Yes