Electric Bike, Electric Scooters & Electric Bicycle Benefits

How to quantify this amazing investment?


Urban areas have become a very interesting place; we now work, live, shop and even entertain ourselves all within a small 50 sq. KM radius, this becomes an even smaller number particularly in major urban cities like Toronto and Vancouver. The new recently released Hybrid Electric Plug in Vehicle by General Motors aptly named "The Volt" is a testament to the current technology and resource trends heading our direction. Electric cars when powered solely on electricity can easily obtain a range of between 50 and 70 KM depending on the individual driving habits of the driver. An Amego Electric Bike goes just as far for a fraction of the cost, plus you don't need insurance, a driver’s license or any of the other costly hassles that come with traditional mid to large size car ownership.  Essentially if you don't need a car the Amego Electric Bike is a fantastic urban alternative. Imagine being able to pick up and ride effortlessly anytime and anywhere for less than the cost of one small cup of Tim Hortons Coffee? Wow now that is a fun fact I know thousands are already enjoying!

True cost of electric bikes, bicycles & scooters

Where is this big pay off?


People everywhere want to know exactly how long it takes for an Amego electric bike to pay for itself. Amego electric vehicles absolutely love’s this question and we know you'll love the answer even more. Imagine when directly compared to a subway or any public transit method, your Amego electric vehicle will pay for itself in a little over one year. Another great benefit of your new electric Amego e-bike is by reducing your reliance on dirty and economically unstable fossil fuel you are helping the planet as well as your wallet. The savings can start immediately, while your friend’s envious and obvious stares are just beginning. Amegoev.com challenges you to start saving and have fun today! If you are shopping around don't forget to add your favorite Amego electric bike to your wishlist!

electric bike, scooter & bicycle actual cost and value

Green Travel was always fast, but now it's also stylish, smart and cool.


Need to get somewhere fast? Live downtown, or in another large urban area? Our options used to be Bike, Bus, Train or Car. Enter Amego Electric Bikes, Scooters and E-Bikes - . Whether it’s about getting from point A to point B or getting away from it all, Amego Electric Bikes, Scooters and E-Bikes get you there fast!

travel times using electric bikes, scooters & bicycles

Electric Bikes, Bicycles and Scooters have zero emissions

ZERO Emissions.


Trying to figure out a way to reduce your impact on the environment, Look no future as Amego Electric Vehicles brings you the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. Cars, Buses, Taxis and Scooters all burn dirty fossil fuels; an Amego Electric Vehicle saves you time and the environment at the same time. Think ahead for our future, think Amego Electric Bikes, Scooters and E-Bike's.

During use Electric Bicycles, Scooters and Bikes have zero emissions

A very quiet and smooth commute.


Amego Electric Vehicles helps you reduce city noise pollution, too. Motorcycles and gas powered scooter can really bring on the headaches and migraines, yet an Amego E-Bike or Electric Scooter is as quiet as walking down the sidewalk. In Fact Amego Electric Vehicles are the one of the most whisper quiet motorized vehicles on the planet. Come on in for a test drive today!

Electric Bikes, Scooters & Bicycles are very quiet