Elby 9 Speed
500W 48V11.6Ah | 135kms

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Elby 9 Speed | 500W 48V11.6Ah | 135kms


Elby 9 Speed | 500W 48V11.6Ah | 135kms

Our Favorite Features

Winner of the 2016 Eurobike e-Bike award! Incredibly designed to feel ergonomic and well balanced. Best warranty on the market, 3 years!


Incredible range up to 135 kms. Smooth silent natural feeling system with regenerative braking. Incredible lights, fenders, rack, tires, and battery placement.

About the Brand

Owned by the Stronach group. Most Canadian electric bike on the market. Incredible support and reliability from Bionx and Elby.


3 Year Bionx Warranty

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Regular Price: $4,399.99

Special Price $3,299.99


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Product Description

Elby is the world’s first one-size-fits-most pedal assist hybrid bicycle that’s attractive, intuitive, versatile and confidence inspiring from the very first pedal stroke. Designed to address the interests, needs, desires, sensibilities and skills of a modern connected culture, Elby is for commuters who long for a safe, sweat-free, conscientious commute. It’s for people who enjoy riding for fitness and fun and want to go a little farther, climb a little higher and discover more of the world with family and friends. And no matter your age or cycling experience, Elby is meant to get you going on the best ride of your life from the moment you power up and pedal.

Elby is the brainchild of Frank Stronach and Fred Gingl, a duo of globally recognized visionary entrepreneurs with more than five decades of automotive design and manufacturing expertise. Stronach founded Magna International, the company that would become one of the world’s preeminent auto parts manufacturer and the only company of its kind to build complete cars for luxury brands like Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW and Mini. To say that this innovative duo have been pivotal to the growth of the transportation industry in the last half century is an understatement.

“I’ve always thought the shortest distance between two points is boring,” says Stronach. “Fred and I have long shared a passion for stylish, efficient transportation and the inherent simplicity, versatility, and pure joy of riding a bicycle. With Elby, we wanted to marry that joy with a modern sophisticated design with fully integrated technology and category leading range that’s incredibly easy for anyone to ride,” adds Stronach.

With deep roots in the automotive industry the Elby team knew that in order for hybrid bikes to gain acceptance with a wider audience they needed to be conceived and realized as an integrated whole rather than merely a collection of parts cobbled together.

“We looked at Elby as a way to infuse the automobile industry’s level of design and systems integration into a very modern hybrid bike,” says Gingl. His decades of experience designing for the automobile world informed the entire process.Stronach and Gingl’s inspiration for their initial sketches and prototypes was flight. The idea was to create a sense of lightness and freedom in the structure. Their vision came to fruition centered on the airfoil section of the frame with its low, stable center of gravity.

Among a vast number of design criteria Elby engineers knew they needed just the right powertrain to mate with its unique frame configuration. In 2008 after months of research they identified the BionX drive system as an ideal match for Elby’s design and geometry leading them to refine and optimize the BionX motor and software, boosting power, efficiency and smoothness while reducing weight.As motor development progressed an enormous effort was put toward developing a battery with far more capacity and more robust regeneration system than previously seen in a bicycle. The team knew it was possible to come up with a super high capacity lithium-ion battery, which would fit within the airfoil section of the frame. After considerable research and development the team developed a bespoke battery for Elby that rivals the range of a BMW i3, Fiat 500e and Nissan Leaf.

What does all of this add up to?

Elby is a lively and dependable hybrid bike that’s been built from the ground up the way cars are conceived and constructed. It’s been created to make riding more fun and more accessible for a wide range of people and, because it has a high capacity lithium-ion battery, Elby has the range to take riders in new directions.

Elby. You charge it, it charges you.

Product Specifications

Power Modes 4 Levels of Proportionall Assist & Thumb Throttle
Speed 32 kmh / 20 mph
Range 40 to 130 kms / 25 to 80 miles
Battery Removable 48V 11.6 Ah Li-ion
Battery Life 3 up to 8 years
Recharging Time 3 - 5 hours, 36V 2ah Intelligent Certified Charger
Motor BionX 500W, D series 25/50 Nm (18.4/36.9 lb-ft)
Display Digital Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Indicator & Power Modes
Brakes Front & Rear Magura Disc Brakes
Frame 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Tires Continental Cruise CONTACT, 26" x 2.2"
Gears 9 Speed SRAM X5 shifter & rear derailleur
Crankset Single 42t chainring
Lights High intensity Super Nova lighting system, front & rear
Fork Bladed fork, disc brake ready
Stem Adjustable height & angle
Saddle Elby comfort saddle
Grips Comfort Ergonomic Grips
Colours Many Colours
Bike Weight 55
Warranty 3 Year Bionx Warranty