Introducing the Stromer ST5 with ABS!

Introducing the Stromer ST5 with ABS!

The Stromer ST5 with ABS features a striking and sporty design incorporating high-quality components and lots of power. It is also packed full of state of the art technology to provide optimum performance and safety.

The Stromer ST5 ABS features a striking and sporty design incorporating top-quality components and LOTS of power. It is also packed full of state of the art technology to provide optimum performance and safety.

Contemporary Style Emphasizing Performance

The Stromer ST5 ABS has a sleek design, partly due to the integrated battery. Not only does this contribute to the bike's stunning looks, but it also protects the battery from the elements and theft.

Another way the ST5 maintains a sleek aesthetic is with its internal cable routing. Stromer has done their best to eliminate visible cables, keeping them safe from damage while looking great.

Stromer has given the ST5 ABS the perfect geometry for fast road riding. You sit in an optimized riding position that allows you to capitalize on the bike's performance while giving you a good field of vision for staying safe in traffic.

A Unique Braking System

As the ST5 is a performance electric bike, Stromer had to ensure that all the power could be kept in check. Therefore, they developed an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

ABS is a safety feature found on modern cars, which allows you to stop quickly while minimizing skidding forwards. The Stromer TRP hydraulic disc brakes are very powerful and give you lots of control, enhanced by the ABS system.

As Much Performance As You Will Ever Need

The Stromer ST5 has an 850W rear hub-mounted motor. This is incredibly powerful for a city bike. Its 3 levels of assistance allow you to effortlessly manage speed and battery power.

Unusually for a rear hub-mounted motor, this one uses a torque sensor. A torque sensor measures how much force you put into the pedals to determine how much assistance you require from the motor. This gives you a natural pedal feel, but it also makes the bike more efficient and better at climbing hills.

The Stromer ST5 ABS has a top speed of 45kph (28 Mph), and it feels extra speedy thanks to the Sport mode, which gives you more power when you need it.

Powering this great motor is a 48V 21Ah lithium battery. This gives you up to 180 km per charge, depending on how you use the assistance levels.

High-Quality Components For Peace Of Mind

With all this power, you need to know that the rest of the bike's components are up to the job. Therefore, Stromer has hooked the motor up to an electric 11 speed Di2 XTR Shimano shifter and an electric XTR Shimano derailleur.

This combination provides incredibly accurate and reliable shifting all the way through the 11-speed drivetrain.

Safety And Comfort

Stromer knows that their customers ride in all conditions. Therefore, they have equipped the ST5 ABS with everything you need for whatever your situation.

For example, the handlebar-mounted headlight is very bright, ideal for riding in low light conditions. Similarly, the tail light is also bright and doubles as a brake light, alerting traffic behind you.

Stromer has integrated a daylight running headlight into the frame. This looks cool while improving your visibility to other road users.

The 27.5" wheels are covered with subtle mudguards. These don't negatively affect the look of your new electric bike, but they make it much more comfortable to ride in wet weather.

With all these details, the ST5 ABS is really the cream of the crop.  If you're looking for a top of the line ebike that will give you the best of the best, then the ST5 ABS is for you!



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