How E-Bikes Can Help Couples to Keep Cycling Together?

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How E-Bikes Can Help Couples to Keep Cycling Together?

Riding is an exhilarating experience!


Many of us can recall the time when the enthusiasm to exercise felt just a little more attainable.


You felt spending a day cycling through scenery, a whole new rejuvenation for your mental and physical health. Just the fuel powering your fire evaporated at any point.


With heading towards our busy lives, many of us dream of toned legs.


However, the technology now exists to help you reduce the gap between your younger and more energized self. 


 Modern electric bike companies are manufacturing bikes that are increasingly smart machines, and some, with a little assistance from tiny sensors, even know when you're getting exhausted. 


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Riding with your significant one is a happy experience and holds a lot of benefits


#Happy Couple

It develops your relationship's intimacy as it allows the two of you to spend more quality time together. With the hustle and bustle in our lives, we forget to devote our time to our loved ones. With riding together, you are bonding over an activity that makes you feel elated and develops a positive relationship among both of you.


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#Fall in Love Again

Why not ask out your romantic interest to work out with you? According to studies, exercise induces the symptoms of physiological arousal, racing pulse, sweaty hands, shortness of breath, etc. Interestingly, these symptoms mirror the thrill of romantic attractions.


#Increase in Efficiency

Bringing along the other half is a great way to boost your energy output. The presence of your partner will improve your speed without you necessarily being aware of their influence. 


#Fitness Goals

Exercising together always helps you achieve your fitness goals easily. When you work out together, you motivate each other to follow the fitness track and achieve your goals. However, never get into the habit of relying on your partner when it comes to your fitness goals. This can lead to a lack of effort on your behalf if they're not motivating you.



#Emotional bond

Cycling together creates an environment wherein you can coordinate your actions. For instance, you might match your paddling pace with theirs or just cycle side by side. This would develop a sense of compassion and create non-verbal matching or mimicry, which benefits you both. 


Those who experience or engage in cycling together tend to report greater feelings of having "bonded" with their partner. In truth, exercising together provides an opportunity to create such a connection, benefiting your health and relationship.


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The most important step you can set when riding together is to establish a purpose. Some couples want to spend some time together, which is a good enough reason. At the same time, others would be looking forward to losing weight, cross-training, gaining fitness, or only getting some fresh air. 

Exercise has many positive effects, including it being the most effective way of boosting your natural pheromones.


Setting Goals!

After setting a purpose, set some couple goals. Ask yourself questions like: have you and your partner ever ridden a bicycle before? If so, in what capacity? Have you covered distances over 10 miles on your bike, or are you mostly a "ride around the block" kind of cyclist?


How good are your bike handling skills? Are you comfortable riding in a group, near other cyclists? Are you comfortable riding on unpaved terrains, such as dirt roads or mountain bike trails?


Just by reminding yourself of your strengths and weaknesses, you can work together to set realistic goals and choose a riding approach that shall help you enjoy your ride as a couple. 


Keep yourself protected!

Cycling has its own inherent risks. Some of the risks related to cycling are injury, financial loss, and liability due to theft or damage. 


Wearing safety gear like helmets, gloves, and glasses goes a long way in lowering the risk of an injury, liability, and theft that are much harder to manage.


Avoid adding weights!

Lastly, one thing that might seem intuitive, but you should never add weights to the bike to slow yourself down. Like weights attached to the bike, heavy backpacks will significantly alter the bike's handling characteristics that might cause you to lose control of the bike. 


Even if you stay upright, weights added to the body can cause unnecessary strain on the joints, ligaments, and spine.


E-bikes – a great way to level the playing field for two cyclists.


Electric bikes contain an electric motor and a battery to assist the rider, unlike scooters and motorcycles, which require the rider to twist the accelerator grip to engage the engine. Power-assist technology is much more intelligent using torque sensors at the crank; the digital controller determines how much power the electric motor will deliver.


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On an e-bike, even a beginner rider could become a worthy challenger to an endurance athlete. It could bring the seemingly impossible feat of keeping up with your significant other a little bit more possible, with both of you getting a quality workout.


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