Are Electric Bikes the Future of Urban Transportation?

Are Electric Bikes the Future of Urban Transportation?

Electric vehicles are all set to dominate roads across the globe. With every passing day, electric vehicle technology is becoming commercially viable and scalable. Therefore, they are also becoming the first choice for consumers and policymakers. It provides several benefits like low operating costs, low carbon footprint, etc. The more people shift from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles, the more reduction we will see in carbon emissions. However, is replacing your regular car with an electric bicycle a good urban transport strategy? Are electric bikes the future of urban transportation? Let’s find out here.

Future-Proof Vehicles

Urban areas in Canada are getting denser, and traffic in the major Canadian cities is among the worst in the world. Many Canadians live in urban areas, and studies show that the number will continue to rise. As metropolises plan for future growth, the one-car-per-person model may not be a sustainable option. It creates a massive market for Canada electric bikes that don’t need fossil fuel to ride.

In Europe and Asian countries like China, electric bikes have already exploded in popularity. Global sales are also forecast to reach around 40 million units by the end of the year. The Netherlands is the most bike-friendly country in the world. Study shows that every one in three new bicycle purchases last year was electric. 40% of buyers have opted for this mode of transport to replace car rides. It is also expected that we will see the same trend in Canada within a few years.

Smart Transport for Smart Cities

Cities like Copenhagen, Portland, Munich, and Amsterdam are working for years to ensure that people can safely ride electric bikes to navigate across the city. These cities are considering cycling as an effective method of transportation. In Canada, smart cities like Vancouver and Montreal are known for their bike-friendly nature. Toronto has also started to take a future-forward approach to make cycling a viable option for urban transportation.

During peak hours in congested cities, you can ride faster from one place to another in e-bikes than other modes of transportation. Electric bicycles take less space to ride and park. It is also a good thing for urban areas that are getting denser. Studies also show that cycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions by around 20,000 tons a year.

Cycling as an urban transportation option is an excellent way to achieve environmental and mobility goals. Besides, it also reduces traffic, noise, and air pollution. So electric bicycles are definitely the future of urban transportation. You can buy a premium electric bike in Toronto from Amego Electric Vehicles. We are the most trusted Canadian electric bike seller operating from Toronto. You can also shop from us online.


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